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Bird Watching Tips For Beginners!

Birdwatching or birding is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Millions of people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy watching and studying birds. The point of birding is to be able to identify wild birds in their natural habitat by sight and or sound, and simply because it’s a lot of fun. Firstly, get a good bird identification book or field guide. Guide books will tell you the different markings to look for when identifying birds. Birds have different colors, sizes, tail shapes, wing markings, beaks, and habits. There are several good books available, be sure to get one for the area you live in. A good guide book will help you learn to identify birds.

A pair of binoculars is part of birders basic equipment. They will bring the birds up close, so you can more easily see their markings. There are many different sizes and prices of binoculars. The kind of binoculars used by birders should be lightweight. Shop around and choose one that is good for you.

Start watching birds in your own backyard. The birds that frequent your backyard feeders will give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills in identifying birds common to your area. Don’t be discouraged, start by learning the easy ones and soon you’ll be surprised to realize that you know most of the birds that visit your feeders. There are many other areas where birds can be seen. Visit your local parks, along rivers and lakes. Wherever you may be, you can see birds.

Early morning is when birds are the most active. This is a great time to go and watch the birds. Sit quietly and observe the birds around you. When walking, go slow and without sudden movements or noise that will scare the birds away. Every season of the year you will see different birds.

Join a local birdwatching club. This is a good opportunity to learn from more experienced birders, and to also learn some of the better areas to observe birds. You could also join an organization like the National Audubon Society, or subscribe to a birdwatching magazine. Having a greater interest and understanding of birds will lead to a better understanding of all wildlife.

According to a recent U. S. Fish and Wildlife survey, over 70 million Americans enjoy the hobby of watching birds. It’s easy to understand why. Birds are colorful and interesting to watch. So learn and enjoy our feathered friends!

Birdwatching is easy and its fun.